By: Zeferino Jackson

Junior middleweight boxer James Kirkland has shown unpredictability with a very predictable style in the ring. Nicknamed "Mandingo" after the adult film star, Kirkland has proven to be both extremely powerful in the ring and vulnerable. To Kirkland's advantage, he is an aggressive power-puncher capable of walking down his foes in intimidating fashion. However, Kirkland's major flaw has been his chin as he is often stunned by opponents with little punching power. In 2011, Kirkland was knocked out in shocking fashion by Nobuhiro Ishida, a fighter with only 9 knockouts in 33 matches. Kirkland also has stylistic flaws making him defensively vulnerable and dependent on his punching power to end fights before they go to the cards. On Saturday night, the southpaw Kirkland frequently circled to his left during the whole fight leaving himself open to left hooks and right hands from his right handed opponent, Carlos Molina. Kirkland lost most of the rounds and was lucky to win the match when the referee controversially disqualified Molina. Much like the former champion and now deceased Arturo Gatti, Kirkland's strengths and weaknesses have combined to generate exciting fights to the delight of the fans. Nevertheless, if Kirkland is to have any longevity and future success in the ring, he must follow the instructions of his secret weapon: Ann Wolfe

Ann Wolfe, a former boxer herself, is Kirkland's trainer. Unpredictably, Wolfe has proven formidable as a trainer and seems to enjoy a special bond with Kirkland. Wolfe has gained the respect of her male counterparts and her use of unorthodox training techniques have taken the limited skilled Kirkland beyond his natural abilities. Wolfe's methods are not for the weak minded. A  typical day of training for Kirkland consists of the following:

4am: Wake up time
4:30am: Kirkland does 800 push ups
5:00am to 6:00am Kirkland jogs for 10 miles barefoot until he reaches a nearby IHOP
6:00am to 7:00am  Kirkland eats a breakfast of 6 pancakes and a glass of grapefruit juice
7:00am to 8:00am  Kirkland walks 5 miles and then jogs an additional 5 miles back to his quarters
8:00am to 12:00pm Kirkland has the option to sleep but usually engages in non ejaculatory sex. The non-ejaculatory sex allows the fighter to maintain strength, ferocity and focus  as ejaculation is not permitted. Some sources indicate Wolfe supervises the non ejaculatory sex and may even participate on occasion to keep Kirkland focused.
12:00pm to 4:00pm  Kirkland does gym work. Similar to James Toney, Kirkland often spars 3 opponents simultaneously while blindfolded and without a protective cup or underwear. During this part of the training, Kirkland often gets knocked to the canvas several times allowing him to hone his recuperative powers.
4:00pm to 5:00pm  Kirkland gets held down by 5 sparring partners while blindfolded and naked on top of a pile of sharp gravel. Kirkland must use all his strength to lift his body off the gravel. 
5:00pm to 6:00pm Kirkland has alone time with Wolfe to meditate on the upcoming fight while receiving the full body nude grease down.
6:00pm Kirkland enjoys a meal of barbecued chicken and lemonade. 

After enduring several weeks of training in this fashion, it's hard to fathom how Kirkland could manage to get stopped by any foe in the ring, much less a foe with minimal punching power like Ishida. The respected Colombian trainer Julio Mondragon says he knows why:

"People forget that Kirkland wasn't being trained by Wolfe when he lost to Ishida. Kirkland's chin was very weak when he fought Ishida because he wasn't performing the extreme cunnilingus exercise for jaw strength. After I revealed this technique, many trainers and assistants have come to my gym to learn it. I believe Kirkland's chin has been better because Wolf is making him perform the exercise. I believe this is a benefit of having a female trainer and I would not be surprised if Wolfe has volunteered herself to facilitate this very important part of Kirkland's training. Wolfe is a very large and powerful woman with muscular thighs and buttocks. I am sure that Kirkland would get the best of the jaw strength training from Wolfe as she is very professional and knows how to make a fighter work."  

Mondragon's jaw strength technique has proven to be a success and its benefits were on full display when Kirkland faced the power-punching Alfredo Angulo. Although Kirkland did get stunned in the first round after being assaulted by the powerful Angulo, Kirkland showed amazing recuperative powers and was able to battle back to knock out Angulo. The increased durability of Kirkland's chin was shocking given his knockout loss to Ishida. The application of techniques such as these in the training of a more talented and gifted fighter could yield amazing results in the ring. 

For more on the revolutionary training techniques of Julio Mondragon, visit: The Revolutionary Fighting Techniques of Julio Mondragon

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By Crisanto Vergasana

Welterweight boxing champion Manny Pacquiao is known as one of the best conditioned athletes in the world and a fierce destroyer in the ring. Known for his unorthodox movements in the ring and bonecrushing punching power, Pacquiao owes much of his success to Hall of Fame trainer Freddie Roach. In addition to Roach, Pacquiao also retains the services of the celebrated strength and conditioning specialist, Alex Ariza of Colombia.

The recent news of Ariza’s departure from Pacquiao’s training camp caused a shockwave throughout the boxing world. Pundits worldwide have speculated about the reasons for Ariza’s departure while Roach has remained relatively mum on the subject simply stating Ariza’s actions were “unprofessional”. Pacquiao supporters fear Pacquiao could lose his physical edge for his upcoming bout with junior welterweight boxer Timothy Bradley.  A former sparring partner, “Dolo”, has agreed under the condition of anonymity to shed some light on Pacquiao’s training and the true reason for Ariza’s departure:

Vergasana: How many times have you sparred with Manny Pacquiao and what do you think are his best qualities as a fighter?

Dolo: I sparred with him in two training camps over the past 15 years. I will just say that he is very fast and he punches very hard. I stopped sparring with him precisely for this reason as I suffered liver damage. I later suffered a massive rectal hemorrage and ceased practicing boxing altogether. I am currently a physical education teacher in a local high school.

Vergasana: I’m sure you’ve heard of the accusations of welterweight champion Floyd Mayweather regarding Pacquiao’s alleged use of banned substances. As someone that has witnessed Pacquiao’s training methods, what do you have to say about this?

Dolo: Pacquiao does not do anything that is illegal. All of Pacquiao’s training is natural. Pacquiao trains hard and uses unusual methods but nothing is illegal and he doesn’t do drugs. I once saw him drinking a beer but nothing illegal.

Vergasana: What are some of the unusual training methods that you were made aware of?

Dolo: Well, obviously Pacquiao engages in the non-ejaculatory sex with his wife Jinkee or the non-ejaculatory masturbation when she is not present. This means the boxer engages in sexual excitement without achieving orgasm. Doing this helps the boxer to maintain focus for the fight and also allows the boxer to have more inner rage during the fight. This is why towards the end of the training camp; Pacquiao is very ferocious and punching hard. It is very hard to knockout a fighter that has non ejaculatory sex repeatedly during training. Almost every Filipino boxer I have met does this and many people say it is our secret weapon. This method is so important that many trainers aid the fighters in this part of the training when a woman is not available. The benefits of non ejaculatory sex for all athletes, especially boxers, are undeniable. In the high school where I teach, I have implemented this and have seen the results for myself.

Vergasana: I’ve heard that Pacquiao engages in a practice similar to boxer Juan Manuel Marquez’s practice of drinking his own urine. Do you know anything about this?

Dolo: Some people here in the Philipines say that Pacquiao drinks gorilla urine for increased punching power. Here in the Philipines, it is common for a fighter to drink the urine of a particular animal in order to attain its attributes. I used to drink the urine of the cheetah for speed but it is very hard to get this type of urine.

Vergasana: What other unusual techniques did you witness during the training camp?

As you know, Pacquiao is a devout Christian. When I was training with Pacquiao I would participate in the naked rub down with holy oil. Most of us would do this because we wanted to be great like Pacquiao. Since Pacquiao is Christian, he would not permit anyone to display arousal during the rub down sessions. For this reason, even the person performing the rub down should be naked in order for Pacquiao or Mr. Roach to visibly detect inappropriate arousal. In America, people may laugh or think these things are funny but here in the Philipines it is very normal for a boxer to train like this. Pacquiao also does the other things boxers in America do like jogging, hitting the heavy bag and sparring.

Vergasana: What are your thoughts on Alex Ariza and why do you think he left Pacquiao’s training camp?

Dolo: Alex is a very smart guy and knows many natural health secrets. He is able to manipulate the gorilla urine drink to better the taste and this is very hard. I believe he is no longer working with Pacquiao because they asked him to perform the nude greasedown and he wanted more money. In my opinion, he just didn’t want to do it. A lot of trainers don’t want to do this especially if the boxer does not shave his body hair. Pacquiao is very hairy and I know this because I personally saw him in the shower. Many trainers will charge you more for the nude greasedown if you don’t shave your genital and buttocks hairs. Also, for a fighter like Pacquiao you must perform the greasedown right after the training and before the last shower. This means the fighter will be sweaty and may have odor emanating from his bodily orifices.

Vergasana: Could this be what Freddie Roach alluded to when he mentioned Ariza’s lack of professionalism?

Dolo: Exactly. Ariza is a nice guy but a true professional that is used to boxers knows you have to perform the nude greasedown on the boxer’s entire body whether he has a hairy genitalia, body odor from the anus, or whatever. I don’t make even 1 percent of what Ariza earns and I perform the greasedown on my students because I am a true professional. As a professional, you must put the athlete first and your own beliefs and taboos second. I believe Ariza should apologize to Pacquiao.

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Mayweather Jr. Released: Inmates Speak
by Doug Winters

On August 3, 2012 junior middleweight boxing champ and pound for pound king Floyd Mayweather Jr was released from prison after a 9 week stint in the Clark County Detention Center in Las Vegas for domestic abuse. During his short stay, Mayweather was locked away in solitary confinement where he was forced to come to terms with his crimes and his future in the sport of boxing.

According to sources inside the prison, Mayweather Jr became extremely depressed while in solitary confinement and could be heard whimpering hysterically throughout the night. In the United States, approximately 80,000 of 2.3 million prisoners are isolated in solitary confinement for 23 hours of each day of their incarceration. Solitary confinement is known to cause depression and mental illness in prisoners with many of them committing suicide.

The decision to place the boxer in an isolation unit of this type was criticized but information from some of the inmantes in the prison suggests it was in Mayweather’s best interest. “That boy was crying and hollering like a bitch all night long. He lucky they had him in there ‘cause we was definitely fittin to get in that ass.” said a prisoner known on the streets as “Crazy Loco”.

Like most inmates, Mayweather Jr was deprived of conjugal visits. According to another prisoner known as “Killer Nut”, the lack of female company deeply affected Mayweather Jr.

“What was he doing?” said Nut. “Shit, you know what he was doing. Most guys in solitary be jerking off at least 5 times a day. It’s the only thing you really can do in solitary. He could say what he want to say but that boy was stocked up on all kinds of lotion and vaseline. You in jail, why you gotta have shiny skin? I seen that boy and he looked ashy as hell. Everybody know that boy was beating his meat like it stole something. Shit, all night long, all you could hear from that cell was either crying or heavy breathing with skin on skin slapping sounds, keeping niggas up at night. I’m glad that motherfucker got the fuck up out of here.”

Apparently Mayweather Jr is not the only one happy for his release. Welcome back champ!

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