Esteban Dure, International Correspondent  

After a 15 year battle to legalize prostitution in Canada, Reverend Arnold Jean finally has a reason to celebrate. On Monday, March 25, 2012, the top court in Ontario legalized pimping and brothels. Reverend Jean has dedicated a large part of his ministry to the salvation of pimps and prostitutes stating these individuals have been underrepresented in the church. 

Says Jean, “Jesus is not selective about who He saves. Jesus wants to be your personal saviour no matter who you are. Jesus wants to have a relationship with all prostitutes and this is the message that must go out to them. Some of the best Christians I know are prostitutes.”

Photo by JPott

Unlike other religious leaders in the area, Jean has practiced what he preached and has braved the dangerous city streets of Ontario in order to reach prostitutes and pimps. Jean also hosts a one hour Bible study session on Thursday nights. The sessions are usually attended by 5 to 10 prostitutes and sometimes even their pimps accompany them. 

“I try to teach these pimps that God doesn’t like them to abuse these downtrodden females by verbally or physically attacking them. God doesn’t like it when a pimp refuses to give a prostitute the full earnings owed to her because that’s stealing. I tell these young men that instead of taking from these beautiful women, they should be giving their money to the Lord. As far as the ladies, I show them using the Word of God that Jesus loves them too. In reality, the Bible does not condemn prostitution the way it’s done today. People try to apply the Bible to things that happen in modern times but it doesn’t make sense. What is prostitution? People are quick to say God is against it but does the Bible ever really define it? No. I think the courts finally caught on and realized that God just wants these women to do their job in a safe legal environment. I believe even the apostles would have used the services of prostitutes if it was legal and safe back then. God has shown me that he hates crime and if prostitution ain’t illegal then it ain’t a crime.”

Although the religious benefits of legal prostitution are a matter of religious opinion, many lawmakers believe Ontario has taken a step in the right directions. According to a recent poll, 80% of Christian males admitted under the promise of anonymity that they support the legalization of prostitution. 70% stated they have used the services of prostitutes or plan to now that legalization has occurred. It remains to be seen if the legalization of prostitution will result in higher rates for services and a government mandated prevailing wage for prostitutes. Both could potentially cause a financial detriment to both pimps and customers. Nevertheless, the decision to legalize prostitution will put Canadian tax dollars to use in order to assure that sex workers are frequently tested for STD's and receive the necessary medical treatment. This will ultimately benefit the population as a whole and lead to a healthier Canada.

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Interview with Mexican Druglord Reveals Startling Gang Rituals

By: Manuel Montilla

Deep in the Valley of Oaxaca, Mexico sits one of the world’s most dangerous and sought after drug traffickers. Because of his wanted status, he is known by many nicknames with one of them being “PV” or “El Pingon Volante”, Spanish for “The Flying Ping”. PV tells us he was actually born in the United States before moving to Mexico for a better life in 1998. In search of job opportunities where he could make use of his English, PV worked in fast food restaurants and also served as a translator for tourists in a popular brothel in downtown Mexico City. When PV lost his job as a translator, he needed money and sought the help of his cousin, a member of a feared Mexico City gang. PV became a member of the gang, later formed his own gang, and is currently a successful businessman earning millions of dollars per year. PV shared with us interesting details about gang initiation and culture:

Montilla: How did you join a gang in Mexico? Do different gangs have different initiations?

PV: Well, in Mexico most gangs have a similar type of initiation and it is very hard. You have to show that you are strong. If you can’t pass the initiation, then you know you can’t be a real gangster.

Montilla: What exactly is the initiation process?

PV: It’s very hard for me to express this because it was a very painful process both mentally and spiritually. Usually, there are three steps to the initiation and they give you two choices per step. Each step lasts one week. For the first week, you must choose to fight the two best fighters in the gang at the same time. You have to fight them every day for the first week. If you lose on any of those days, you have to let these two guys fuck you in the ass on that day. They can only fuck you once per day but if you lose again the next day, these two guys will fuck you again. If you win the fight on any of those days, you don’t have to get fucked on that day but you have the option of fucking them. If you refuse to fuck them, they both get to fuck you in the ass. It’s not much of a choice but this is how we get rid of the weak guys and keep the tough guys in the gang. What they don’t tell you before the initiation is that the two guys you have to fight are expert martial artists and some of them practice MMA professionally. Out of the seven days of fighting, I was only able to win on two days but I got some very good punches in on the days that I lost.

The second week was very hard compared to the first week. In the second week, I had to throw a very hot lentil soup into the eyes of an elderly person in the crowded streets of Mexico City. After throwing the soup in the eyes of the victim, I had to land a very hard kick in the abdomen of this person and then run away without the police catching me. This may sound easy but in reality it is hard because you must be very coordinated to balance the soup and also land the kick in the person’s abdomen after the soup is in their eyes. Then, you must make sure that the police don’t catch you and this is difficult because if you do this same attack for 7 days in Mexico City, people will become more cautious and the police will be more aware. Luckily, I was able to perform this part successfully for 7 days and the police never caught me. It was funny because I actually ended up attacking this one old lady on three of those seven days. On the last attack, she fell down hard and hit her head on the wheel of a burrito cart. I felt really bad about this but this shows that life is tough. The reason candidates are made to go through this part of the training is to measure their ability to carry out a plan without getting caught while in public.

Montilla: This is truly vicious and unheard of.

PV: Some have said this. However, the third and last part of the initiation is something nobody in the gang ever forgets. The candidate must drink 32 ounces of menstrual blood collected from a variety of prostitutes that work for the gang. The candidate must drink the blood in three minutes. If the blood has not been finished in three minutes, the candidate is executed. Candidates must pass the different parts of the initiation because once they start they are not allowed to just leave because they will have become very familiar with our internal procedures and the identities of several important members.

Montilla: What has motivated you to provide this information?

PV: Here in Mexico, things are really bad and I just want young people to know the truth. Young guys with no jobs want money and the fancy things in life. They think that you can obtain these things by joining a gang. Well, I’m here to say that joining a gang can get you lots of money, lots of women and you can live a very good life. The bad part is you have to kill a lot of people and you can end up in jail. Also, once you join a gang here in Mexico, you can never leave. I recommend that young people stay in school and try to get a regular job that is not harmful to them or their family.

Montilla: Thank you for your time.

PV: Anytime. Viva Mexico!

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Fast Food Altercation Leads to Rape
By Milton Hopkins

In Atlanta, Georgia, officials are currently searching for a man suspected of the rape of a 48 year old Red Gator Creek woman. Fast food worker, Cletus Mayfield is currently wanted for questioning in connection with the attack.

According to investigators, a rapist was possibly under the influence of a bath salts drug during a sexual assault of a 48 year old woman in Red Gator Creek. According to the victim, the ordeal started after a verbal altercation with a fast food worker at a popular fried chicken restaurant. Witnesses state that during the exchange, the fast food worker threatened to sodomize the victim with a chicken fried drumstick. A very heated argument ensued and the customer was escorted from the premises by a security guard.

“She wanted a refund because she felt the chicken was less than crispy. He didn’t want to give her the refund and that’s when they started arguing. He made a few threats and that’s when I walked the lady out the restaurant.When I got back everybody said Cletus had left.” said Ayodele Mamekulo, security guard.

The victim claims that she was assaulted that very same night at her home by a masked intruder and she believes her attacker was the fast food worker with whom she had argued.

“I had just come out the shower when all of a sudden I saw this man standing in the living room. It was the scariest thing ever and I kind of froze because of the shock of seeing this person. He started cursing at me and calling me names. That’s when he punched me in the eye and threw me on the floor. He then pulled out this big turkey drumstick from a bag and that’s when I knew it was the same guy from the chicken place. I tried to get up but he told me not to try anything because he knew MMA. That’s when he violated me with that big turkey drumstick.”

The victim tearily recounted the ordeal and pointed out that she was sodomized over and over with the raw drumstick for at least an hour. She is currently being treated for possible salmonella infection and sexually transmitted diseases.

“This guy had to be high on something because after he did what he did, he started eating the same raw drumstick he violated me with. He was making growling noises and blood was running down his neck when he was eating it. I was just horrified and crying. After he ate all the meat off the drumstick, he called me a bitch and then hit me really hard on the head with the bare drumstick bone. At that point I blacked out and he was gone when I woke up. I hope they find him because this shouldn’t have to happen to anyone else.”

Police are currently reviewing video from the security cameras of a local supermarket to confirm the identity of a customer that bought two pounds of turkey drumsticks on the evening of the attack. The suspect is described as a light skinned black man in his forties with a scar on his left cheek.

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